Great stay, Great service, Great location, Comfortable, Friendly, Convenient

We've previously been to Aruba twice, St Martin, St Kitts, Cancun, and Hawaii. I wanted something medium price, and convenient. I looked at VRBO to find a spot because I had a great experience with the trip to St Martin. After looking at many reviews and destinations, I chose Turks and Caicos. That reduced my options to about 500 rentals. I researched beaches, and reefs, and restaurants, and found that Bight Beach was a great location. That knocked it down to about 20. I continued to research and read reviews, and found Reef Residences. Everyone seemed pleased with the resort, so I booked it.

Now TCI is not a cheap destination, so the price for the room was higher than St Martin, but the room was also larger. Now let's get to the good parts:

Service: I was contacted by Leanne one of the property managers the day before we left for vacation. She just wanted to check in to see if I had any questions. She is so nice, and helpful!! Everyone else at the resort greats you with a smile and asks if they can help you. This place is just great!! Another really nice thing, is that they run the rooms like it is a hotel. You get daily maid service, and can bill massages to your room. 

Location: The pool is small, but nice and not crowded. Partly because the beach is just fantastic and is only 100 yards away. They have dedicated umbrellas and loungers for their guests, and come out at noon everyday to offer a rum, or non-rum punch. Again, the beach is fantastic!! If you walk about 50 yards down the beach from your umbrella, there is a reef 30 feet off shore. It is an easy swim around the entire reef (they don't allow you to swim in the middle for safety/environment reasons. I don't know all of the fish that I saw, but I do know parrot, rays, turtles, yellow stripey thingies, purple fish, and others. Ok, I'm not an expert, but who cares!

Price: Again, nothing on TCI is "cheap" but I feel we got a great value with Reef Residences. The size is nice (24 units) so you aren't crowded. The people are great, and the grounds are beautiful. You are in a suite (1, 2, or 3 bedroom).

If you are undecided on a place to stay, or unsure of VRBO, you can't go wrong with this choice!!!